Facilitator Bios

Alan Colvin

Education: Bachelor of Economics in 1985

Background: Alan’s career began in finance and administration roles at Hewlett-Packard. After receiving strong opinion scores whilst managing the HP Australian Support F&M team, his career transitioned into HR. He was the HR Director when HP won the inaugural Best Place to Work in Australia in 2000. Telstra was next to take notice of his skills, hiring Alan as an HR Director in 2002. In his decade at Telstra, Alan became renowned for his entertaining and interactive approach to facilitating HR related courses and offsite meetings.

Experience: Alan is a practical and common-sense HR Executive with a passion for the power that proper People Management and Leadership can deliver to an organisation. Alan knows the importance of engaging employees, as he was the HR Director when Hewlett-Packard Australia won the inaugural Best Place to Work in Australia in 2000.

After completing a Bachelor of Economics in 1985, Alan then spent the next 13 years in Finance and Administration roles at HP including two stints in the USA, which provided him with a grounding in business financials, plus the disciplines needed to do people management well. Alan’s career then transitioned into HR on the strength of strong employee opinion scores delivered whilst managing the HP Australia Support F&A team of 70 people.

Joining Telstra in 2002 as an HR Director, he gained broad HR experience by supporting many Business Units, including Mobiles, Business & Government, Legal, Finance & Strategy, Corporate Affairs, IT and Wholesale. In the decade Alan spent at Telstra, his achievements were in changing the culture, sharpening performance management, increasing employee engagement scores, and building bench strength through talent management across the Business Units he supported.

Whilst at HP, Alan facilitated courses to emphasise the importance of values, culture and the basics of people management and leadership. At Telstra he became renowned for his entertaining and interactive approach to facilitating HR related courses and offsite meetings.

Alan now runs his own consulting business, specialising in leadership and human resource management and works both in Australia and overseas.

Dr Ian Allsop

Education: BA (Uni of WA), BD (Melb College of Divinity), MBA (RMIT), PhD (Monash)

Background: Ian has had an illustrious career in the education sector, teaching at four universities and working as an academic advisor and examiner for the Melbourne Business School/Mt Eliza Executive MBA Program. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne. Away from teaching, Ian was an organisational consultant and a former Managing Director of Bioss International (Australia). He is the author of Restoring Faith in Management and a number of journal articles.

Experience: Ian is a Senior Fellow with the Melbourne Business School within the University of Melbourne. He taught Social Enterprise in the Melbourne Business School’s MBA. From 1997-2010 he was an academic adviser and examiner for students in the Melbourne Business School/Mt Eliza Executive MBA program. He taught Leadership and Strategy at Swinburne University for their Master of Management and has taught at RMIT University in their post graduate MBA and DBA programs and in the Box Hill Institute’s Bachelor of Networking (IT) degree.

As well as teaching, Ian is an organisational consultant with a specialisation in the area of Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Executive Development, and Organisational Strategic Reviews, particularly with organisations facing change. He is a former Managing Director of Bioss International (Australia) the Australian consulting arm of the Brunel Institute of Organisational and Social Studies, UK.

Ian conducts his own consulting company for work within the church, community and not for profit sectors. Ian works with large client organisations from the government, private corporate, church and community sectors at a senior management level.

Ian has held senior management and ministry positions within the church and community sector. Ian is a former president of the Victorian and Australian Council of Churches and a member for eight years of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches based in Geneva. He is a past Chairman of The Council for Christian Education in Schools. He convened the Multi-Faith Working Group of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation from 1992-5. Ian was the national and state secretary for Churches of Christ.

Ian has retired as a Board member of the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) affiliated with The University of Melbourne. He retired as a director of EIG-Ansvar Insurance after ten years. He served as the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of those boards. He was a member of the Advisory Boards of Moore’s Legal, Merryck and Co, and The Parliament of World Religions

He is the author of Restoring Faith in Management, published by Harper-Collins Dove in 1993 and a number of journal articles.

Heiner Karst

Education: German Grad Dip in Commercial Management and a Diploma as a certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Trainer and Facilitator

Background: Heiner was born in Germany, raised and educated in South Africa and has worked all over the world. He’s lived in Australia for almost 25 years. He draws on 35+ years of culturally diverse corporate executive leadership experience in large complex, global matrix organizations across a range of industries, as a CIO, business growth catalyst, M&A and transformation change agent.


Experience: Apart from having consulted and project directed multiple very large-scale business change outcomes in large iconic Australian organizations, Heiner has also guided and mentored many corporate, department or divisional leaders and SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) owners across a range of industries through major growth or restructuring thresholds. He does so with his very pragmatic and hands-on personal experience, sculpting the right structures, processes and controls for their managed growth, productivity and profitability.

Heiner is recognized as a leader with unusual human behavioral expertise with which he has developed a range of “soft skills” (that is advanced, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based communications skills, influencing skills, and presentation skills), which very professionally support his acknowledged track record as a great executive life coach and mentor to the successful benefit of his executive leadership and business owner clients all over the world.

Current Role: Acknowledged for the ease with which Heiner quickly wins the trust and respect of most people he meets, his passion as an executive life coach is to coach and mentor business executives and business owners in their personal and business capacities; particularly guiding them through “forks in their road” in their leadership work, career, relationships and styles in business or personal life while focusing their energy on what really matters to them. He is able to combine extensive personal executive leadership experience with his state of the art coaching, facilitation, training and experience from coaching and mentoring hundreds of clients.He aligns particularly well with world class leadership development programs within which he assures leaders taking ownership of and implementing the personal and professional changes they aspire to for their and their organizations compelling growth.

Heiner also thrives on mentoring corporate executive business or divisional leaders and business owners and has also assisted a number of SME’s to develop and implement mentoring programs in their organizations.

Professional Affiliations: Heiner is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an accredited associate of the Institute for Independent Business and The Network of Consulting Professionals. He is an avid weekly blogger (http://www.letstalkcoaching.com) and a published author of the book “Life Learnings of a Life Coach” published through majorstreet.com.au.

Lisa Galbraith

Education: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne; Diploma of Applied Finance, Securities Institute of Australia

Background: Lisa began her career with Hewlett Packard where she held business leadership roles in Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA.   She leveraged this into the start-up world, where, together with the founder, successfully boot strapped a start up to sale to Thomson Reuters.   Building success is her passion and she draws on her experience in building innovative solutions and managing diverse, strong and effective teams.

Experience: Lisa works with start-ups and businesses mentoring and coaching owners and staff to enhance their effectiveness, to problem-solve and to build business and personal success. She has an innate ability to listen, observe, understand and articulate a situation thoroughly and thoughtfully providing critical thinking and feedback.

Lisa began her career with Hewlett Packard where she held business leadership roles in Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA. She then transitioned into the start-up world, where, together with the founder, successfully boot strapped a start up to sale to Thomson Reuters.

Lisa has demonstrated an ability to bring together the classic competing interests of sales vs marketing, start-ups vs corporate, technology vs product development, by understanding their needs, speaking their language, and the most important part – helping them collaborate for success.

Lisa keeps a razor-sharp focus on results and accountability to set strategy and execute to a plan. She brings people closer together, innovating, and building for a common purpose and long-term success. Key to Lisa’s success is her ability to build and coach diverse teams.

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