Program Overview

Why Leadership is so Important

Leadership is a powerful factor of business success. Agility, flexibility and authentic leadership is a must in today’s high paced world.

Leaders and leadership teams working together run organisations better than any hierarchical, command-and-control structure.

Where leadership is strong, direction and strategy are clear and where obstacles are confronted, they are generally overcome.

When teams collaborate, and there’s a bias for well thought out action, ethical choices are made. As things get done and move forward quickly people stay longer because they’re motivated and engaged.

Where leadership is weak,

  • people grope around in the dark
  • valuable people leave
  • mistakes are repeated
  • there is a lack urgency and things get done late
  • team members bicker
  • obstacles are avoided, or conveniently swept under the carpet

Who Should Attend?

The Challenge to Lead program is ideally suited for:

  • current and future managers and supervisors
  • developing leaders
  • business owners
  • subject matter experts who need to engage across the organisation


Can leadership be taught, learnt and developed?

YES. Leadership can be taught, learnt and developed.

We know because our programs uses professional and experienced facilitators and the latest tried and proven practical methods of leadership development. There is a wealth of evidence to support this.

Our interactive residential leadership program means:

  • participants leave with the practical skills and tools necessary to be successful leader, such as delegation, providing feedback, managing change and a plan of action
  • participants will understand their current capabilities and
  • Three months after the completion provide follow-up support, including a group phone hook-up with the facilitators and a follow-up survey six months later to assist in their leadership journey.


Our Program

The Challenge to Lead program means participant challenges are addressed and leadership solutions are practiced. Participants share experiences and are supported with information, practical exercises and references. This approach enables easier transfer and use of learning back in the work environment. Our facilitators specifically support:

  • specific leadership challenges experienced by participants at their level of management
  • the integration of leadership with the practice of management at each participant’s level of management
  • self-leadership and self-management principles and theories
  • the impact and role of effective leadership in talent development and succession planning

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Measurement and 360-degree Feedback Questionnaire

The 360-degree feedback questionnaire is the cornerstone of our Challenge to Lead program and is a first step to reaching their best personal leadership.

It is a rigorously proven assessment tool that provides clear indication that leadership is an ability that can be learned by anyone, not an inborn skill for the lucky few.

No matter where you are in your leadership development journey, here you can discover more about how this 360-degree assessment can help you develop your leadership potential and inspire those around you to be the best they can be.

Post-program, one-on-one Coaching Option

Three months after the completing the 2-day residential program, participants are invited to a group phone hook-up with the facilitators to discuss their progress and ask any questions they may have. This is part of the program.

The Challenge to Lead facilitation team offers participants the option of receiving one-on-one individual coaching after their attendance in the program. For a relatively small additional investment, the benefits of receiving one-on-one coaching for a period of 6 months after attending the program are very significant, well worth your consideration and recommended.

More Info – Coaching Option

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