High Potential Leaders Program

Effective leadership is in high demand and is a must have capability for anyone wanting to get ahead in the world to achieve more and earn more.

Organisations desperately need leaders who can motivate and inspire, drive performance, and make the tough decisions required to be successful.

The Challenge to Lead program for High Potential Leaders is an exciting, practical and intensive residential program. It liberates the leader within and enables participants to make extraordinary things happen … for themselves, their followers, their organisation, and the world.

Who should attend?

The Challenge to Lead program is ideally suited for emerging and high potential people from any business, not-for-profit or government background.

Ideally, they should have some experience in managing or supervising people or managing managers.

Grouping participants working at a similar level enables us to relate the program content to the challenges and practical problems experienced by them at their level of management. For example:

  • Specific leadership challenges experienced by participants at their level of management;
  • The integration of leadership with the practice of management at participant’s specific level;
  • Self-leadership and self-management principles and theories;
  • The impact and role of effective leadership in talent development and succession planning

Measurement and post-program improvement

  • Leadership is about behavior, not personality;
  • it’s – an observable set of skills and abilities.

Self-discovery and self-awareness are essential to developing your capacity to lead. And a core component in that process includes personal reflection and analysis of your own behaviours as a leader. Equally as valuable is insight and feedback from those around you who know you well, who have experienced you in your role as a leader.

360-degree Assessment Questionnaire

The 360-degree feedback questionnaire is the cornerstone of our Challenge to Lead program and is a first step to reaching their best personal leadership.

It is a rigorously proven assessment tool that provides clear indication that leadership is an ability that can be learned by anyone, not an inborn skill for the lucky few. No matter where you are in your leadership development journey, here you can discover more about how this 360-degree assessment can help you develop your leadership potential and inspire those around you to be the best they can be.

The feedback process allows your manager, peers and direct reports evaluate you as a leader. The result is an analysis on how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. The survey is conducted approximately one month before the commencement of the residential program in October and then again 6 months after the program. This allows a comparison and feedback on how your leadership has improved and changed since the course.

Many people have used 360-degree feedback as a first step to reach their personal leadership best – clearly indicating leadership is a practice that can be learnt by anyone.

More Info – LPI® Assessment (360-degree Assessment)

Post program activities help reinforce the programs learnings and the integration back into the workplace. These include:

  • 3 months after the residential course a group phone hook-up with the facilitators
  • Ongoing exercises that encourage continuous improvement
  • 6 months post-program assessment report on individual growth in leadership capability by comparing results of the pre-and post-program 360-degree assessments
  • Membership of the Challenge to Lead Alumni and LinkedIn Membership
  • Bi-annual Challenge to Lead newsletters
  • Management and leadership tips emailed regularly
  • Optional one-on-one coaching with 6 sessions spread over approximately 6 months for participants and organisations interested in maximising development and change. This is an additional cost and is highly recommended.

The Challenge to Lead program is an eminently practical, experiential and exhilarating model of leadership development that has proven effective in liberating the leadership potential in any person, at any level, in any organisation.

By attending, participants find a wealth of resources that help them discover where they want their leadership journey to take them and the tools for developing the skills they need to reach their destination.

Details and logistics

The Challenge to Lead program – for High Potential Leaders:

For people from any business, organisation or government background, who are high achievers and want to make more of a significant difference through improved leadership.

It is ideally suited for:

  • current and future managers and supervisors
  • developing leaders
  • business owners
  • subject matter experts who need to engage across the organisation

Number of participants:

The program is limited to a maximum of 30 participants and is delivered by three senior, very experienced and practical facilitators who have extensive local and international experience. With a ratio of 1 to 10, participants are assured of receiving maximum individual attention and coaching throughout the program.

2 days in duration with a 6 month (6 session) coaching option (additional cost):

More Info – Coaching Option


This Challenge to Lead program is residential and will be held at the Canterbury International Hotel, Forest Hill 3131, Melbourne, Victoria.

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