Model the Way

by creating standards of excellence
and then setting an example for others to follow

a Shared Vision

by passionately believing that
you can make a difference

the Process

by searching for opportunities
to change the status quo

Enable Others to Act

by fostering collaboration and spirited teams,
building trust, human dignity and facilitating relationships

Encourage the Heart

by recognising contributions and showing
appreciation for individual excellence

Model the Way

by clarifying values, finding your personal voice
and affirming shared values

Inspire a Shared Vision

by envisioning the future and imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities

Challenge the Process

by searching for opportunities, seizing the initiative
and looking outward for innovative ways to improve

Enable Others to Act

by strengthening others, increasing their self-determination
and developing their competence

Encourage the Heart

by celebrating values and victories, creating a spirit
of community and making people feel like heroes

Model the Way

by setting the example and aligning actions with shared values

Inspire a Shared vision

by enlisting others in a common vision
and appealing to shared aspirations

Challenge the Process

by experimenting and taking risks, constantly
generating small wins and learning from experience


Registration for the Challenge to Lead 2019 program will open on 18 March 2019.
The Challenge to Lead is a residential program and will be held in October, at
the Canterbury International Hotel, Forest Hill, Victoria


Cost of the program is $3,800 + GST
10% Early Bird discount if booked by June 30th

We make the extraordinary happen by liberating the leader within individuals and organisations.

We strongly believe in the power of leadership and are passionate about developing extraordinary leaders. Strong leadership makes for better and more successful individuals, organisations and ultimately, a better world. While most people agree that leadership is a powerful factor of individual and organisational success, less people appreciate its importance in today’s world of work. Command-and-control type management structures do not provide the flexibility required to thrive in the ever-changing world of today. The command system needs to be replaced by a network of capable and authentic leaders positioned throughout an organisation.

Here’s what some of the previous participants have said:

“The experience of the facilitators. The LPI reviews, one on one time with facilitators. Having a range of people was really eye opening, learning about new industries/workplaces etc.”

“Bringing our thoughts and way of thinking/awareness about relationships, visions and trust. – Particularly about the importance of communication, listening, articulating a position or thought. Asking leading questions. Revisiting the concept and practice of listening.”

“Overall really enjoyed the experience, learned a lot and related to my current work. The facilitators were fantastic! (Even though bad jokes)”

“Thank you for running this course. It was highly impressive and I have found it very valuable.”

Challenge to Lead Program for High Potential Leaders

Following the success of the professional development program from 2014 to 2018, the Rotary Club of Doncaster is proud to present the program again for 2019, to build and enhance leadership skills in business and community programs. Technical or expert ability is one thing, “leadership” is another, and organisations desperately need leaders who can motivate and inspire, drive performance, and make the tough decisions required to be successful. Effective leadership is therefore in high demand and is a must have capability for anyone wanting to get ahead in the world to achieve more, drive change and the ability to earn more.

Registrations are now open. Find out more about the course or register your spot today!

Our Leadership Programs

Our Challenge to Lead programs are based on extensively researched and internationally acclaimed material written by Kouzes and Posner, whose book has sold over 2 million copies. Our all-new programs cast their enduring work on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in the context of today’s world. With their best-in-class materials and a tried and tested experiential learning processes, Kouzes and Posner have proven that leadership can be learned, nurtured, and most importantly, measured.


Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behaviour – an observable set of skills and abilities. We measure these behaviours in our Challenge to Lead programs using The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) assessment, developed by Kouzes and Posner. With data gathered from over 3 million leaders around the world, the LPI® is based on evidence-based research and rigorous testing. Millions of people have used the LPI® as a first step to reach their personal leadership best – clearly indicating leadership is a practice that can be learnt by anyone.

Facilitator Bios

Even the best designed materials and learning processes rely on dynamic facilitators to bring the program to life and engage participants. Our faciliators hold their own with the very best at the leading universities in the world. Through their dedicated expertise and energy, they ensure all Challenge to Lead participants enjoy an inspiring and unforgettable learning experience. Take a look at their individual bios to see what we mean.